How do you set up Amazon Prime Video in Canada?

You can watch Amazon Prime Video Canada on any device by following these steps. To get access, you will need to visit  and enter your prime video activation code. You must first subscribe to amazon prime video to view the content. To stream prime video in Canada, you can select any subscription plan. You can follow this procedure if you already have an account or are registered on prime Video Canada.

Benefits of opening a prime video account in

1. Not all smart TVs, home theater systems, or media players can access prime Video. However, all systems with internet capability can stream prime Video.

2. You will need an internet connection and a web browser to activate the process.

3. Prime Video is available in over 200 countries, and territories. However, accessibility varies depending on the country where you’re using it.

4. Most non-Android TVs support Amazon Prime Video in Canada. These TVs can also be downloaded the prime video app.

Steps to register your device with Amazon Prime Video Application
These are the steps to get Amazon Prime Video on your device. Register it using the activation URL.

Step 1: First, turn on the device using the remote control provided with it. To access the homepage, press the home button.

Step 2: Locate the application store on the homepage and install Amazon prime video onto your device. You can find Amazon prime video on your device if it does not have the Play Store.

Step 3: Launch the prime video app on your device. Log in with your Amazon username.

Step 4: An activation code will be generated. This code will remind you to stay safe.

Step 5: Next, use a web browser to access on a mobile device or a computer.

Step 6: Login to your Amazon Prime Video account and enter the activation Code.

Step 7: Click the Register button to register your device and you will be able to view Amazon Prime Video.

Important things to remember when activating Amazon Prime Video Canada
First, ensure that your device location is turned on so your Amazon Prime Video can locate you.

You can also activate the account in your native language. The homepage of amazon prime video can be changed to your preferred language.

Internet access is required for activation. You should always monitor your internet connectivity.

These steps will enable you to activate Amazon Prime Video for all eligible devices in Canada.

Steps to activate Prime Video on your device

After creating an account on Prime Video, your free trial will begin immediately. Follow the steps below to get Prime Video on your device free of charge.

1. First go to the app store on the device. Search for Prime video applications.

2. After clicking on the Download button , wait for the application to be installed.

3. The next step is to launch your application on your device.

4. You will also land on the login Page of Amazon Prime Video

5. Enter the Prime video account credentials to get a 30-day trial.

6. The activation code will be displayed on the screen after you login. This code should be saved until activation is complete.

7. You can also visit primevideo/mytv