How to Check a Target Gift Card Balance

Target gift cards are an easy and useful gift to give for birthdays, Christmas, or graduations. You may not know the balance of a gift card if the value is not written on the card, or if you have already used some of the mone

Call 1-800-544-2943 on your landline or cell phone. If you don’t want to check your gift card balance online, call the Gift Card Support line. Dialing this number takes you to an automated recording which allows you to check the card balance.

Listen to the prompt and press 1 to check your balance. When your call goes through, a recorded voice will answer and give you a list of options. Your first option is to press 1 if you want to check a gift card balance.

Punch in the 15-digit gift card number. Listen to the prompt and type in your card number when you are directed to do so. Look at the back of your gift card for the number. The voice prompt says to start the number with “04” and to hit pound sign after the card number.[3]

Enter the access number. Continue listening to the prompt. If it asks for your card’s access number, enter it using the numbers on your phone. The access number is an eight digit code located under the card number.

Listen for your balance.
 After following the instructions for entering the access number, the voice prompt will recognize your gift card’s ID numbers and tell you the gift card’s balance. Once you hear the balance, write it on the back of the card to help you remember.